Hacking and securing Bluetooth Low Energy and RFID/NFC Devices

Détails de la formation

Bluetooth Low Energy is one of the most exploding IoT technologies. BLE devices surround us more and more – not only as wearables, toothbrushes and sex toys, but also smart locks, medical devices and banking tokens. Alarming vulnerabilities of these devices have been exposed multiple times recently. And yet, the knowledge on how to comprehesively assess their security seems very uncommon. This is probably the most exhaustive and up to date training regarding BLE security – for both pentesters and developers. Based on hands-on exercises with real devices (including multiple smart locks), dedicated personal device flashed to a BLE devkit, and a deliberately vulnerable, training hackmelock.

RFID/NFC, on the other hand, has been around us for quite long. However, the vulnerabilities pointed out years ago, probably won’t be resolved in a near future. It is still surprisingly easy to clone most access control cards used today. Among other practical exercises performed on real installations, the attendees will reverse-engineer an example hotel access system, and as a result will be able to open all the doors in facility. A list of several hundred affected hotels included.

Each attendee will receive 200 EUR hardware pack including among others Proxmark and Raspberry Pi (detailed below). The hardware will allow for BLE attacks (sniffing, intercepting), cloning and cracking multiple kinds of proximity cards, analyse BLE or NFC mobile applications, and most importantly – practice majority of the training exercises later at home.

Lien vers la description de la formation : https://hackinparis.com/trainings/#training-2020-hacking-and-securing-bluetooth-low-energy-and-rfid-nfc-devices

Pré-requis éventuel ou connaissances souhaitables ou exigées : Basic familiarity with Linux command-line
Scripting skills, pentesting experience, Android mobile applications security background will be an advantage, but is not crucial
No prior knowledge of Bluetooth Low Energy nor NFC is required

Niveau souhaité : Confirmé

Fonction souhaitée : Pentesters, security professionals, red teamers, researchers / BLE/NFC device designers / developers Anyone interested


Prix de la formation : 2150 HT

Informations complémentaires

Détail des supports remis au participant : https://hackinparis.com/trainings/#training-2020-hacking-and-securing-bluetooth-low-energy-and-rfid-nfc-devices

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Conditions repas et hébergement : repas inclus

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