Hacking entreprises – 2020 Release

Détails de la formation

This is an immersive hands-on course aimed at a technical audience. Over the 3 days, we will fully compromise a simulated enterprise covering a multitude of TTP’s. The training is based around modern operating systems, using modern techniques, emphasising the exploitation of configuration weaknesses rather than throwing traditional exploits. This means logical thinking and creativity will definitely be put to the test.

Students will access our remote lab which is configured with multiple networks, some easily accessible, others not so. Course material and exercise content has been designed to reflect real-world challenges and students will perform numerous hands-on exercises including using OSINT skills to retrieve useful data, perform host/service enumeration and exploitation as well as perform phishing attacks against our live in-LAB users’ to gain access to new networks, bringing new challenges and in the process teaching new sets of skills in post exploitation, network reconnaissance, lateral movement and data exfiltration.

We also like to do things with a difference. You’ll be provided access to an in LAB Elastic instance, where logs from all targets get pushed and processed. This allows you, whether an attacker or defender, to understand the types of artifacts your attacks leave and how you might catch or be caught in the real world.

Lien vers la description de la formation : https://hackinparis.com/trainings/#training-2020-hacking-enterprises-2020-release-3-days

Pré-requis éventuel ou connaissances souhaitables ou exigées : A firm familiarity of Windows and Linux command line syntax
Understanding of networking concepts
Previous pentesting and/or SOC experience is advantageous, but not required

Niveau souhaité : Confirmé


Prix de la formation : 2150 HT

Informations complémentaires

Détail des supports remis au participant : https://hackinparis.com/trainings/#training-2020-hacking-enterprises-2020-release-3-days

En intra : oui En inter : oui

Conditions repas et hébergement : Repas inclus

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Audit, Conseil

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Prénom : Evangélia

Téléphone : 0178765800

Email : e.koltsidis@sysdream.com