Hands- on Malware Analysis Reverse Engineering

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The number of cyber attacks is undoubtedly on the rise, targeting government, military, public and private sectors. These cyber attacks focus on targeting individuals or organizations with an effort to extract valuable information, gaining money through a ransom or damaging their reputation. 43% of cyber attacks these organizations are facing are Advanced Malware, APT Attacks or zero-day attacks.

With adversaries getting sophisticated and carrying out advanced malware attacks, detecting and responding to such intrusions is critical for cyber security professionals. The knowledge, skills, and tools required to analyze malicious software are essential to detect, investigate and defend against such attacks.

This training takes you in a journey in the topic of malware analysis covering targeted attacks and ransomware attacks with their techniques, strategies and the best practices to respond to them. The training is full of hands-on labs on performing malware analysis, Rootkit analysis and full attack investigations with different real-world samples.

You will also receive a copy of Mastering Malware Analysis book to help you further enhance your skills in malware analysis and deal with advanced techniques, different platforms such as IoT/Linux, Android, Mac .. etc and different scripting and interpreted languages.

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Fonction souhaitée : This course is intended for Cyber Security investigators, Cyber Security Heads and Managers, Security Researchers, Information Technology Heads and Managers, Forensic Practitioners, Incident Responders Malware Analysts, System Administrators, Software Developers ,and security professionals who would like to expand their skills and Anyone interested in learning Malware Analysis and Memory Forensics.


Prix de la formation : 2150 HT

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