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Guillaume Lopes and Davy Douhine, senior pentesters, will share many techniques, tips and tricks to deliver to pentesters, bug bounty researchers, app makers or just curious a 100% hands-on 3 days mobile training. Goal is to introduce tools (Adb, Apktool, Jadx, Cycript, Frida, Hopper, Needle, etc.) and techniques to help you to work faster and in a more efficient way in the mobile (Android and iOS) ecosystem.

This is the exact training that you would have liked to have before wasting your precious time trying and failing while trying to assess the security of mobile applications. Main topics of the training are based on the fresh OWASP MSTG (Mobile Security Testing Guide):

Review the codebase of a mobile app (aka static analysis)
Run the app on a rooted device (to check data security issues)
Inspect the app via instrumentation and manipulate the runtime (aka runtime analysis)
MiTM all the network communications (aka inspect the traffic)

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Pré-requis éventuel ou connaissances souhaitables ou exigées : Basic knowledge of linux/network/security

Niveau souhaité : Débutant et Confirmé

Fonction souhaitée : Pentesters, bug bounty researchers, app makers or just curious


Prix de la formation : 2150 HT

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En intra : oui En inter : oui

Conditions repas et hébergement : Repas inclus

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