Offensive Industrial Control System Security

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Industrial control systems, that provide essential and vital products and services to our economy, are evolving and are becoming more and more interconnected. As this connectivity to the outside world increases, security is becoming one of the most important topics in Industrial IT and OT environments. This results in a large demand for specialized industrial security services, including technical audits (aka penetration tests). These audits will be the focus of this two day training, providing security experts with the necessary skills and experience to tackle these highly sensitive and critical industrial environments.

Why this ICS course?
This course goes far beyond what other offensive ICS courses offer. We don’t teach using simulators or non-industrial hardware but bring you a full functioning factory with +30 industrial hardware devices including PLCs, Remote IO, HMIs, Remote gateways, routers, switches,.. from 10 different vendors including the European market leaders. This is all programmed, configured and networked as a functioning industrial plant to give trainees real hands-on experience that will benefit them in the field! This is the closest you can get to hacking a real factory!

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Pré-requis éventuel ou connaissances souhaitables ou exigées : Attendees will be expected to have some basic IT pentesting knowledge since we won't cover the basics but dive directly into control systems.

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Prix de la formation : 1550 HT

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