Physical pentesting practical course

Détails de la formation

Take back home your own kit of lockpicking + bypass kit + RF/RFID Accessories at the end of the training + a book summarizing what you have learned!

From beginners to specialists, this training will make you a proficient physical pentester.

Practice oriented, during this course you will pick locks, bypass deadbolts and safety doors, mold keys, decode keys from a picture, do privilege escalation on simple and advanced masterkey systems, identify and duplicate RF and RFID credentials…

After only 3 days, you will be able to enter and assess a vast amount of infrastructures, including headquarters, hotels, power plants, offices… And through regular practice, you will be able to enter most buildings without breaking anything, allowing you to gain a physical access to your pentest target (server room, CEO laptop…) and, in addition to your computer-based skills, help your clients secure the full spectrum of IT flaws including the physical aspects.

Resources : 1 working place per attendee, comprising a training manual, lockpick tools, bypass tools, locks, molding material, bumpkeys, pick guns…

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Niveau souhaité : Débutant à expert


Prix de la formation : 2150 HT

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