Windows post-exploitation subvering the core

Catégorie : Autres, Technique et réseau

Durée : 2 jours

Lieu de la formation : Maison de la Chimie

Détails de la formation

This training will focus on all major aspects of the Windows post-exploitation process: breaking restricted environments, subverting operating system controls, privilege escalation (logic/configuration/permission/software bugs), bypassing User Account Control (UAC) and persistence. The training will be beneficial to attackers and defenders alike. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of common pitfalls when configuring the Windows estate. They will see what tools the attacker has at his disposal, how to live-off-the-land and where to achieve long-term residence when access has been acquired. All sections of the training are accompanied by intense hands-on labs where students will put the theory into practice. The training will simulate real-world environments allowing attendees to later directly apply the content in the field! A detailed understanding of Windows is not required to attend the training, however a basic familiarity with the windows command line (cmd/PowerShell), the Sysinternals Suite and certain concepts such as schedule tasks, services and UAC will be greatly beneficial.

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Niveau souhaité : Confirmé

Fonction souhaitée : Members of the red & blue team, penetration testers, system administrators, SOC analysts and security enthusiasts


Prix de la formation : 1550 HT

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